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Is logic part of your 2017 business outlook?

As 2017 has started, many organizations are still working on their business outlook for the new year. They are facing a degree of uncertainty of which the impact seems to accumulate year after year. Facing this challenge requires a deep insight of what really drives their organization, what enables it to fulfill its essence and realize the envisioned substance in a sustainable way. Without this insight they get deeper and deeper into the morass by doing what they always did.

From regulatory rigidness to meaningful resilience

Regulations are growing faster than the GDP

Regulations are growing faster than the GDP. In fact, in a world of economic decline, it is the fastest growing industry. The rate of increase exceeds the capability of heavily regulated industries to integrate them into their environment; leaving these businesses and their management vulnerable to fines, censure or worse. It becomes more and more clear that ‘business as usual’ is cancelled. Old recipes don’t work anymore. The business operating system is coming to a grinding halt.