New homepage / Nieuwe website

Recently I created on a new homepage with links to my various publications and a special block about the book 'Een eigen wereld', including a flipbook version of the book. Go to the site here.

Recent heb ik een nieuwe website gemaakt op met een overzicht van mijn publicaties. De website besteedt speciale aandacht aan het boek 'Een eigen wereld'. Zo kunt u er een inkijkexemplaar van het boek vinden. De website vindt u hier.

Enjoy! / Geniet ervan!

Thei Geurts

Vitamin hubs for the mind

Based on a request of a Dutch newspaper I wrote a concise opinion about the importance of libraries

Libraries are vitamin hubs for the mind. As vitamins are vital for the growth, recovery and well-functioning of the body, so are libraries indispensable for self- and social-reliance and -resilience, the ability to contextualize and to give meaning in a changing society. They are gateways to knowledge and imagination and adversaries of modern illiteracy. ‘Literacy is pattern recognition and action’ (David Lankes).

The deterioration of the library landscape is alarming. Every authority should invest in matters that are socially desirable, but (short-term) economically not profitable. Let’s not forget that a nation that doesn’t teach and encourages its children to read and to stay literate long-term destroys its own future.

Please feel free to reflect, react and to share.

Thei Geurts, February 21, 2020

A world of their own

Just published this book about the history of the abbey garden of Our Lady's Abbey in Oosterhout.

It is called: A world of their own; from 'Vredeoord' (Place of Peace estate) to peaceful place.

The text is in Dutch but the 300 pictures are international and mostly self explaining.

It can be ordered here:

Is logic part of your 2017 business outlook?

As 2017 has started, many organizations are still working on their business outlook for the new year. They are facing a degree of uncertainty of which the impact seems to accumulate year after year. Facing this challenge requires a deep insight of what really drives their organization, what enables it to fulfill its essence and realize the envisioned substance in a sustainable way. Without this insight they get deeper and deeper into the morass by doing what they always did.

Predicting the disruptive potential of semantic knowledge kernels

Somewhere around 2002, while I was working on the concept of a Context Value Broker, a colleague asked for my opinion about the future of ICT-systems and services. Not being an acknowledged futurist, that is a hard question to answer. Many who did try were proven wrong, as this prediction of the future of mail delivery in the year 2000 may illustrate.

Source: A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000

My answer was that I could imagine a trend in the next decades in which the IT landscape of mainly one-dimensional monolithic solutions would evolve into multi-dimensional ecosystems of pluggable knowledge and function kernels, running on agile platforms. These ecosystems and platforms would provide a collaborative base for new services and solutions that made sense of complex situations and serve users on a 1:1 basis for their individual needs. The actors in this services would be both humans and machines; even although the interpretative capabilities of machines would grow in time.

Systems of denial in policy making

Systems of denial are omnipresent in business and public organizations. They are a main cause for blocking innovation and transformation. Systems of denial occur when organizations are confronted with information that challenges their core (competitive) assumptions.

Synthesizing your thoughts in one image

For many years I have created concepts, developed products and written articles related to the domain of accessible, assessable and actionable knowledge. A domain that is near to my heart, being a 21st century librarian. On my desktop I used to have an image that synthesized core elements of my thoughts in one single view. I have often used that image in all kinds of conversations with participants of various levels. It turned out to be it extremely useful as a storyline for presentation, argumentation and discussion. Creating such an image is perhaps useful in your situation as well.