New rival for Google Glass

Out of the blue Google Glass has got serious competition. A new rival with spectacular functionality has entered the arena.

The new device is the result of a secret research project by an international group of scientist that was formerly connected to the military domain. The name of the new device is not yet published.

Where Google Glass shines through the possibility of using augmented reality, the new rival already offers a new and spectacular kind of dynamic multi-reality.  This capability enables the user to choose a different perspective at any moment. Mathematicians have calculated that there are more then ten billion combinations possible, each leading to a new and surprising perspective. 

Insiders claim that the serendipity factor of the device is unrivaled.

The scientists developed a looking glass that is easy to wear and doesn't require the fixed position of the Google Glass. The technical design enables to create many variations, in size, basic material and design. It is also low cost to produce. The device is bio-operated and does not require a fuel cell. Insiders are very enthusiastic about the product and say that it has a gigantic market potential.

A prototype of the new glass was tested by two panels. The panels mainly consisted of children; the consumers of the future. One group was very tech savvy and the other not at all. Remarkably scored the second group the best results in using the device. Their overall rating was five out of five stars. The tech savvy group rated the device with 4.5 stars.

 A photographer managed to take the following picture of the new glass during a sneak preview.

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